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(Dr. / Prof. KIM, Young-Chool)
Diamond grading and Gem Identification must be objective and accurate in order to protect customer's right and contribute to the development of jewelry industry Hanmi Gemological institute will promise customer and jewelry industry to keep the principle as its motto. Report of gem identification and diamond grading which are issued by HGI will provide customer with the beauty and alue of gem.

    Qualifications   1977 FGA (the 1st awardee in Korea) 1982 GG-GIA (the 3rd awardee in Korea) 1994 AG(Authorized Gemologist)-Korea 1996 Master valuer.
   Education   1995 B.A. Gwangju University Department of Industrial Design 1999 M.A. National Seoul University of Tech. Graduate School Department of Industrial Art 2003 Ph.D. Dongshin University Graduate School Department of Gemological Engineering


  Pusan National University. Hanyang University. Wonkwang University Graduate School. Keukdong College. De Beers (DTC). Gongju University. Hongik University. Seoul National University of Technologies. Gyonggi University.
  1992~1993, 1995~1998 Chairman of The Vocational Training Competition for Handicapped people Department Gem PolishTechnician. 1993~1994 The first Vice President of GIA Alumni Association. 1994~1997, 2000, 2001 The Chief Judge of Seoul Skills Competition Dept. of Gem Polish Technician. 1996 The Judge of the 31st National Skills Competition 1998 The Chief Judge of the 33rd National Skills Competition. 2000 The Chief Judge of the 35th National Skills Competition. 2001 The Chief Judge of the 36th National Skills Competition 2002 The Chief Judge of the 37th National Skills Competition 1999, 2000 The Supervisor of The Gemologist Association of Korea 1999~2002 The Member of a Advisory Committee of GIA Alumni Association 2001, 2002 The President of Alumni Association of Dongshin University Graduate School 2005~Present Chairman of Gem Craft Committee of Korea Craft Promotion Foundation 2006 Chairman of Academy Committee of Korea Gem Trading Association 2004~Present Director of Korean Association of Crystal Growth 2005~Present Auditor of Korea Jewelry Design Association
  Present   1982~present CEO and President of Hanmi Gemological Institute Co. Itd. & Hanmi Gem Research Center 1999~present Member of Master Valuer of Master valuer Korea Association 2005~present Chairman of Jewelry Appraisers Society of Korean 2006~present Professor of Seoul National University of Technologies present Member of Gemological Society of Japan present A Life Member of the Korean Association of Crystal Growth resent A Life Member of Korean Ancient Historical Society
Treatises   Doctor A study on the method of gem identification and diamond grading using the advanced analysis instrument Master A study on the system of diamond grading in Korea Korean Association of Crystal Growth A study on the identification of HPHT diamond by the photoluminescence A study on the identification of quartz and jadeite by the FT-IR A study on the identification of typeⅡa natural diamonds treated by the HPHT method A study on the identification of turguoise by FT-IR
    Literary work   Diamond Grading. (Park Moon Gak) Gem Identification. (Park Moon Gak) Gemstone Cutting and Jewelry Manufacture.(Park Moon Gak) Diamond Grading. (Korea craft promotion foundation)

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